About KICKPros

Welcome to KICKPros, the ultimate destination for football enthusiasts who love the thrill of betting without the risk! Our platform is designed for fans who want to test their prediction skills and compete for bragging rights, all in the spirit of friendly competition.

At KICKPros, you can sign up for free and start betting on your favorite football matches. Whether it's the excitement of the Premier League, the drama of the World Cup, or any other thrilling football event, we've got it all covered.


All bets are based on the result at the end of the regular 90-minute play. This includes knockout matches, even if the outcome is ultimately decided by extra time or penalty shootout.

Match Points

You can get up to 16 match points for a bet.
Match outcome
8 Points
You will earn 8 points for correctly predicting the outcome of the match (winning team or draw).
Goal difference
4 Points
You will earn 4 points if you correctly predict the goal difference. For example, if your bet is 2 - 3 and the match outcome is 1 - 2.
Amount of goals
2 Points
You will earn 2 points for correctly predicting the number of goals scored by either the home or guest team.

Odds Points

Our unique points system rewards you more for taking higher risks. For an odd above 1.5, you'll earn points equivalent to the odds (e.g., odds of 3.6 will earn you 3 points), up to a maximum of 10 points. This ensures that higher risks lead to higher rewards, adding extra excitement to your betting experience!


Outstanding bets are rewarded with medals.
Gold Medal
Awarded for a completely accurate bet prediction.
Silver Medal
Awarded for correctly predicting the goal difference.
Bronze Medal
Awarded for correctly predicting the winner and the number of goals for one team.


Protect your bets with a shield.
By default, all bets are visible to everyone. However, every 8 hours, you can use a shield to hide one of your bets from others.


For each matchweek in a league game (e.g., Premier League), you receive 5 free chips. In cup games (e.g., Champions League, World Cup), you start with 10 chips.
Earn More Chips
Earn additional chips through medals: 5 for gold, 3 for silver, and 1 for bronze. In league games, chips are only valid for the respective matchweek and cannot be accumulated.
You can spend your chips on jokers.
Double Joker
5 Chips
Doubles the total amount of points, including odds points and halftime joker points.
Halftime Joker
1 to 3 Chips
You can place up to 3 chips on the halftime result. If you bet correctly, you earn one point for each chip.

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