World Cup 2018

Data Use Policy

On this page we would like to present you our policy in regards to the data usage as comprehensively and completely as possible.

Saving and usage of data

Upon signup on KICKPros, you will be asked for your name, your username, your email address and for a password. These details will be saved in our database and in backup files. If you delete your KICKPros account, these details will remain for an undefined period of time in backup files.

  1. Name

    In order to improve the quality of the KICKPros community, you should use your real name or your nickname, this is however not mandatory. Your name can be viewed from other registered players and from visitors.

  2. Email address

    You are advised to use a valid email address to avail of all features on KICKPros. Your email address is not visible to other members. The following list details what we use your email address for:

    • Identification

      Each email can only be registered once. It will be used to identify you as a person, therefore it is advisable to use a valid email address.

    • Reminders

      We are sending reminder emails in regular intervals to your email. You can choose in your account settings which ones you would like to receive.

  3. Password

    Your password will be saved encrypted. If you forget your password, you can request to set a new password on the Reset password page.

Usage of Cookies

We are using so called cookies to be able to adapt our offers better to your wishes. Cookies are small text files of a website that can be saved in your browser. Cookies can be deleted by yourself at any stage by going into the browser settings or deleting the cookies directly from the hard drive. You can find details to this in the help section of your browser.