Last updated on 25. May 2018

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

The following statement of rights and responsibilities serve as our terms and conditions. By using KICKPros or accessing it you are agreeing to this declaration or the respective updated version shown in the section "Changes".

  1. Privacy

    Your privacy is important to us. In our Privacy Policy we have detailed important information on how we collect and use your information. We encourage you to read our privacy policy.

  2. Security

    Although we are doing our best to ensure security on KICKPros, we cannot guarantee it. In this regards, please also be aware of your responsibilities in this matter:

    • You will not post unauthorized commercial advertisement (i.e. Spam) on KICKPros.
    • You will not obtain login details or access an account that belongs to a different individual.
    • You will refrain from terrorising, intimidating or bullying of any of the other users.
    • You will not post hate speeches, threatening or pornographic content; or content that encourages violence.
    • You will not use KICKPros to engage in unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory activities.
    • You will refrain from activities that will block, overload or impair the optimal functionality or rather the image of KICKPros, e.g. denial-of-service-attacks, or which could disturb the offer or any other functionality of KICKPros.
    • You will not support nor encourage any breaches to this declaration or our guidelines.
  3. Registration and security of accounts

    The following details some of the responsibilities that you enter with us in regards to the registration and preservation of the security of your account:

    • You will only register one personal account.
    • You will not set up an account for someone else without their permission.
    • Should we block your account, you will not open a new one without our explicit permission.
    • You will not use KICKPros if you are less than 16 years old and do not have the permission of your parents.
  4. Rights of other users

    We respect the rights of others, and expect you to do the same.

    • You will not post content or engage in activities on KICKPros that endanger other people's rights or might infringe the law.
    • We reserve the right to remove all content and information that you have posted on KICKPros should we feel that they contravene this declaration or guidelines.
  5. Changes

    We can change this declaration at any time, but will inform you about it on this page a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

  6. Termination

    If you are found to be in breach of the content or the spirit of this declaration or if you are creating potential other legal risk for us, we reserve the right to partially or fully block the access to KICKPros for you. We will inform you via email or the next time you are accessing your account. You are also able to delete your account at any time. In these cases this declaration will be terminated.

    If an account or content is deleted, it is removed similarly to emptying the bin on your computer. You should however be aware that the removed content will remain for an appropriate time frame in security copies (which are however not accessible by others).