1. Bundesliga
Premier League
World Cup 2018

The KICKPros Point System

When a match is finished you can get Match Points and Bet Trend Points

Match Points

Match outcome
8 Points

You will get 8 points when you bet the outcome of the match correctly (winning team or draw)

Goal difference
3 Points

When the goal difference of your bet is correct you will get 3 points, e.g. your bet: 2-3, match outcome: 1-2

Amount of goals
2 Points

When you bet the amount of goals for the home or guest team correctly, you will get 2 points respectively

Bet Trend Points

Bet trends tell you how many players have bet on which match outcome.

You can get bonus points when you bet on the outcome on which less than 45% of other players have bet on. The fewer players have bet on the same outcome as you, the more bonus points you can get.

You can get a maximum of 8 bet trend points


Great bets get awarded with medals
Gold Medal

Awarded for a completely correct bet

Silver Medal

Awarded for a correct goal difference

Bronze Medal

Awarded when you bet the winner and one goal amount correctly


Protecting your bets

When you place a bet, it is protected with one shield.
These shields can get destroyed or added with coins. Once all shields are destroyed the bet is visible to other players.
The symbol of the shield shows you how many shields are approximately left.

Wooden shield

1 to 3
shields remaining

Silver shield

4 to 6
shields remaining

Gold shield

7 to 9
shields remaining

Titan shield

at least 10
shields remaining


∞ shields

Knockout Matches

All bets on KICKPros are bet on the result after 90 minutes

This is also the case for knockout matches, in which the result might be determined by extra time or penalty shootout.


For league games (Bundesliga, Premier League, etc.), each matchday you get 5 chips for free.

You get more chips for your medals from the previous matchday (5 for gold, 3 for silver and 1 for bronze).
Chips are only valid for the respective matchday and can not be accumulated.

You can spend your chips on jokers
Double Joker (5 Chips)
Doubles the total amount of points (including trend points and halftime joker points)
Halftime-Joker (1 to 3 Chips)
You can set up to 3 chips on the halftime result. If bet correctly you get one point for each chip. With a bet trend of up to 10% you get 2 points per chip